Code Enforcement

Welcome to the Code Enforcement Department

Code Enforcement strives to preserve residential and commercial property values through strict enforcement of property maintenance code and ordinances.  Ordinances are enforced fairly and consistently so residents and businesses can be confident the city is a safe, healthy and vibrant community.

The most frequent violations involve tall grass and weeds, the parking of vehicles on the grass, outdoor storage of junk and debris and the lack of basic maintenance on dwellings, garages, sheds and fences. 

Help maintain the integrity of your neighborhood by keeping the following in mind:

  • Mow your grass weekly.
  • Do not place your trash at the curb sooner than 24 hours before pick-up.
  • Park your vehicles (cars, boats, and trailers) only on hard-surface pavement (concrete or asphalt).
  • All vehicles on your property must be licensed and operable.
  • Maintain all buildings and structures.
  • Keep your exterior property clean of junk and debris.

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Code Enforcement
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