Trash & Recycling

The city of Algonac contracts with Emterra Environmental for waste removal services. Garbage should be set out no later than 7 a.m. on Thursday for pick up. When pick up is a holiday, pick up is the next day. 

Emterra Holiday Schedule.pdf 

Items included in service

Household garbage - includes food waste, paper, cartons, boxes, barrels, crockery, glassware, tables, chairs, TVs,  hot water tanks, bed springs and beds. All equipment with chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) shall be removed by a licensed contractor and tagged prior to pick up. 

Yard waste - includes grass clippings, leaves, tree trimmings and any other greenery from normal yard maintenance. It must be in a separate, approved biodegradable paper bags or plastic bins clearly marked "Yard Waste."  Loose brush must be bundled into no more than 4" in diameter. Christmas trees will be collected from the last week in December through January 31.  Yard waste collection season is April 1 through November 30 each year.

Special Pick up items - include furniture, washers, dryers, mattresses, stoves, refrigerators and freezers.

Recycling - includes paper, newspaper, fiberboard, metal containers and cans, glass containers, and Number 1 through 7 plastic containers. All items need to be clean. 

Items not included

All hazardous liquids and materials including paint; oil; paint remover; construction, repair, remodeling or demolition refuse; loose brush; old motor vehicles or bodies; automotive batteries; explosives; hot ashes; animal or human excreta; dead animals. 

Questions or concerns?

Call Emterra Customer Service at 810.667.4885 x 1201

General Information
DPW Foreman
Joe Vernier
Phone Numbers
(810) 794-5451
Emergencies: Dial 911
453 State Street
Algonac ,

Monday - Friday
6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.